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Worldwide Movement for Rivers

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Project coordination Manuelzão

Worldwide Movement for RiversThe planet Earth is the synthesis territory of all continental hydrographic basins that reproduce permanently through hydrologic cycle. This  global reality unites us and encourages us to act in a coordinated way, the only way to solve and overcome political, environmental, social, economic and cultural global order. Is no longer sufficient to think globally to act locally, it is also necessary to act globally and bring to the international plan the local thoughts democratizing and decentralizing the decisions that define the management of  environmental policy in Planet Earth. 

At the time of II International Seminar of Rivers Revitalization in Belo Horizonte, and having ongoing successfully the 2010 Target in the sub-basin Velhas River, Manuelzão Project launches this call for creating a movement that brings together all the movements of preservation and reinstatement of the rivers in all Earth's continents and islands. We propose that this movement exceeds borders, with the concept of watersheds, without distinction or discrimination of any kind between countries and nations. By carrying out international seminars in different continents and intensification of contacts through the Internet, this growing movement may exert an active power of leadership. The mirrors of the rivers reflect our real consciousness and our actions. Based on this methodological reference we invite everybody to defend the Earth through the rivers care. 

The Earth is a watershed, not a country or a city. The experience of environmental management of our regional basin has provided us knowledge, technology and methodologies compatible with the management Environmental basin worldwide. This knowledge is appropriate for conservation biodiversity and social and scientific mobilization and reinstatement of our rivers. We are prepared to act worldwide along with all movements in different continent. The experience in Minas Gerais, Brazil, developed by the Project Manuelzão, along with the experiences presented at the I and II International Seminars of Rivers Revitalization , held in Belo Horizonte 2007 and 2010, the credentials to propose steps more daring the other partners.  We propose to cooperate fully with all the other movements for this purpose. The motion that we propose goes beyond the environmental and regionalist vision strategically disconnected from global solutions. We are aware of environment political-social-world economic crisis . We must act to influence and reverse the decisions that global summit are leading to environmental degradation, social and cultural life in Planet Earth. The motion proposes to organize the exchange experiences and to act together for the rivers of the world. We seek to overcome geographic distances and cultural opportunities for discussion and dissemination of new paradigms in the process and caring for the rivers on Earth. Preserving the rivers with the vision of caring for the watershed is preserving the Earth. Through meetings, publications and the Internet, we must construct a worldwide movement of watersheds without being submitted in a conceptual way to political, administrative, traditional economic and cultural boundaries brought by the old paradigm. 

Alongside the concerns about the carbon and the climate, in Copenhagen, contend that the main point of environmental actions and mobilization and world reference is the quality and quantity of water watershed through articulation of movements in defense of rivers. The vast majority of people in the world live near rivers and lakes where they can supply. The character of human interventions reflects  on riverbeds, making their records there, which makes this an important point to mobilize and monitor our actions, our mentality and environmental management worldwide. The Carbon is an important indicator of our actions, but more important than carbon balance is the conservation of biodiversity and rivers. Even more important than implementing policies for taking carbon with extensive monoculture plantations after native forests deforestation! Manuelzão  Project contribution ( through this  13 years taking actions of reinstatement of Velhas River basin  and also for their participation in the organization of two international seminars of revitalization of rivers in Belo Horizonte, with the support of Minas Gerais State Government qualify the proposal of this worldwide movement .The  goal for  2010 revived the hope of Velhas River , with the return of  fish set  the history of environment movements in Brazil, through intense and broad social, scientific, technological, cultural and political mobilization of  Manuelzão project .

The rivers fate sets on earth! There are no dead rivers on a live land nor live rivers on a dead land.Shared management and decentralized river basin, by the association of governmental and social economic sectors, struggle for environment, is a democratic and efficient instrument of governance. But our great motivation is to  imagine planet Earth preserving its biodiversity by managing democratic watershed.